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Paris, France +18 Film indir

Paris, France

Paris, France full film indir dvdrip,

1993 Yılında vizyona giren yapımın Yönetmenlik koltugunda Jerry Ciccoritti Başrol Oyunculuğunu Leslie Hope üstlendiği yetişkin Türünde Paris, France filmini ücretsiz indir Lucy (Leslie Hope), her husband Michael (Victor Ertmanis), and their business partner William (Dan Left) are the owners of a small publishing company in Toronto. The stability of their lives are thrown into an emotional maelstrom with the arrival of Sloan (Peter Outerbrige), a former boxer-turned-writer whose first book (based on a serial killer) is about to be published by their company. Sloan gets in over his head when he embarks on a steamy affair with the sexually ravenous and frustrated Lucy, who longs to re-create her S&M-filled days in Paris gone by. But Sloan soon embarks on another affair of his own with the openly gay William which leads to sexual confusion for the writer. All in the while, Lucy’s befuddled husband, Michael, slowly goes crazy over learning of his wife and business partner’s dalliance with his client until he decides to join in on their bed-jumping as well. Dram Türünde Paris, France filmini tek link indir…

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