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Prenses’in Uykusu Orijinal indir

Prenses'in Uykusu

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Seyircilerden 6.8 puan alan 2010 Yılında vizyona giren yapımın Yönetmenlik koltugunda Çağan Irmak Başrol Oyunculuğunu Sevval Baspinar üstlendiği Dram Türünde Prenses’in Uykusu filmini hd full indir Sıradan görünen ama aslında rengarenk karakterlere sahip bir grup insanın birlik olup kaderi değiştirme çabalarını hayatın tam içinden anlatıyor.
Is about Aziz, a librarian with a permanent smile on his lips who lives with his childhood friend, Necet. A young girl and her mother move upstairs and Aziz takes an interest in the mother, Secil, which she readily rebuffs. As her ex-boyfriend finds out where she has moved to, he decides to get an explanation for her walking out on him; an argument ensues and Gizem, the young girl, ends up hitting her head and slipping into a coma. Whilst the girl is in a coma, Aziz decides to continue with her journal and grant her her three wishes: meet her favourite band, Redd, take the old man at the bus stop wherever he wants to go and that her mother likes Aziz. Aziz tries his hardest to make all her wishes come true.Prenses’in Uykusu yapımını beklemeden indir…

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